Project Road Safe

  • Project Road Safe

  • Newly qualified or refresher training

    For young drivers wanting to learn more than the basic driving test requirements and refresher training for customers who may have lost confidence after an accident, anxious drivers or customers who haven’t driven for a period of time.

    The training is tailored to each individual – for example some new drivers would like to feel more confident when overtaking or driving on the motorway.

    In danger of losing your licence?

    Do you need your licence for work and been caught speeding?

    Our pre-court course is designed to change attitudes regarding road ethics.

    It has been recognised by judges and has helped clients by reducing overall sentences and increasing awareness of the dangers of speeding.

Course content

The courses are made up of two parts:

Part 1 - On road

A 3 hour practical drive session including vehicle check. Our Drive Doctor will come to your home or work address and the session will take place in your own car.

Learn police defensive driving and motorsport techniques to improve overall judgment and knowledge.

We also demonstrate how to perform vehicle checks on the customers car – how to check oil, water levels and tyre pressures – valuable knowledge which isn’t covered in the current driving lessons or tests.

Part 2 - Online

The online modules have been created to provide interactive training and concentrates on overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol and the consequences of speeding.

It consists of question and answers, demonstrations and though provoking videos – aimed to change the attitude of drivers.

On completion of our course we will produce a full feedback report following the on-road training and online training.

We insist in trailing every product we create and here is just some of the feedback:

I specialise in representing clients at risk of losing their driving licences. Whenever the courts are likely to consider a discretionary ban I consider whether to refer them to Drive Doctors (to consider taking the speed awareness course). I have found that production of the relevant certification to show that Defendants have undertaken this speed awareness course has certainly helped them to avoid immediate disqualification. Consequently, I am happy to recommend this course"

When I passed my test I felt like I was allowed to drive, now I feel so much more confident to drive, it was so good I even booked my dad on it."

Georgia May | Young driver

Really interesting to know what my car can do to help me in a emergency situation, my first car didn’t have abs never mine ESP! I have fallen in love with my car all over again."

Brian Ely | Refresher training client

I was so lucky to find this course, I needed my licence for my job and these guys have really changed the way I think about speeding on the road."

Geraldine Millar

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