Drive Doctor ABC

  • A is for attitude.
    Respect for the public road, the people in your car and if you want to go hard we will happily play with you on the racetrack! Check out one of our attitude videos on DriveDoctorsTV here:

    B is for Braking.
    Distances; Knowledge of the physics of your car is vital, modern cars can lure us into a false sense of security with safety systems such as ESP and ABS.
    Learn how good these technologies are and how they help you stay in contact with the road.

    C is for Corporate Responsibility.
    If you are a driver or employ drivers, it’s important they are fully prepared and trained for all situations. Call 01832 710623 to talk to us about our fleet training options.

    D is for Drinking and Driving.
    Check out a crazy night with the Drive Doctors here and watch the results of a real drink driving experiment.

    E is for Enjoyable Training.
    Relaxed and chilled out – important traits if you want to be in the team.

    People learn much more when totally engaged and relaxed
    Mark from Drive Doctors.

    F is for Facebook
    Follow and join in with the Drive Doctor team on Facebook here:

    G is for Gaining Confidence.
    Getting behind the wheel after an accident can be an anxious experience. Get back on the road or racetrack with a Drive Doctor.

    H is for High Rewards.
    The NFU Mutual Young Driver Scheme by Drive Doctors was a finalist in the British Insurance Awards for most Innovative Product.

    I is for Instruction.
    Drive Doctors have a huge pool of instructors: From Advanced Driving Instructors, ARDS Instructor A Grade to European Drift Championship winners – we can match you with a driver coach to suit you.

    J is for Jedi.
    Come and support Stu race and meet the team at Formula Jedi / F1000 racing throughout the UK. Get in touch on Facebook if you’d like to be involved at

    K is for Karting.
    The best racing you’ll find in the world is on the kart track. Ages from 5 to 50 can enjoy the pure racing of karting! Give us a call if you want to find out how fast you are!

    L is for Ladies.
    A shout out to all the ladies out there. FACT : the most dangerous place for a female between 17 and 24 is in the passenger seat of the car!

    M is for Maintenance.
    Check out the Drive Doctor car maintenance video

    N is for NFU Mutual.
    In 2013 Drive Doctors became the exclusive provider of driver training to NFU Mutual Insurance customers and have now worked with over 1000 of their young drivers. Customer feedback shows increased awareness of potential hazards on the road, how to deal with them and the consequences of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and using phones whilst at the wheel.

    O for Oversteer
    Oversteer or drifting can be the best fun in the right environment but deadly in the wrong situation, learn to drift with the Doctors in the right environment.

    P is for Precision drivers.
    Whatever style or shape of driver, Drive Doctors can provide precision drivers for any skill set for stunt driving to Russian arm specialists.

    Q is for Questions
    Ask us any automotive or motorsport questions on Facebook via this link

    V is for Road V track.
    What’s the difference between a race car / road car? How is it safe for us to push so hard on track?

    S is for Speed.
    In the right place it can be the best fun, in the wrong place it can be life changing for the wrong reasons. Choose life, choose the race track!

    T is for Technology.
    The technology found in modern cars is amazing!!! Active safety systems such as ESP have incredible ability. However understanding the technology will give you a better chance of helping it save your life.

    U is for Unique Training
    Racing drivers talking about road safety??!! need I say more!!

    V is for Vehicle Checks.
    Every Drive Doctors session starts with a vehicle check, something we all should do every six months. Check out our Maintance video

    W is for “What’s the Point??”
    Check out the Drive Doctors speed challenge:

    X is for X-Rated Blooper
    Watch the blooper reels of the team!! Check out

    Y is for Youtube:
    follow DriveDoctorsTV on Youtube:

    Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz.
    20% of accidents on the road are due to tiredness at the wheel. You don't fall asleep without warning – usually you have already tried to fight off drowsiness by opening a window or turning up the radio. This doesn’t work for long – take proper breaks and plan this into your journey.


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